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Experience cutting-edge technology in membrane solutions with our dedicated team at Extreme Membrane.

We specialize in a wide array of waterproofing and flat roofing systems, ranging from torch-on membranes, peel-and-stick tanking systems, warm roofing systems, and flat roofing membranes to wet areas, trafficable membranes, leak detection, crack injections, and more. Notably, we extend our expertise beyond membranes to include the installation of slates and shingles roofing, ensuring comprehensive roofing solutions.

Partnering with leading suppliers such as Viking Roofing System, Sealco Waterproofing System, Equus Industries Ltd, Alco Waterproofing Solutions, Ardex, GAF Roofing New Zealand, and SIKA, Extreme Membrane guarantees access to a diverse range of top-quality membranes.

Our commitment to meeting your specific needs is unmatched. Check the Extreme Membrane website for more details - click here 

Extreme Membrane – Your Comprehensive Partner in Roofing Solutions.

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