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Tray Roofing

Eurostyle eurolok

A new and innovative series of standing seam roofing and cladding profiles included within the popular Eurostyle™ product range and was recently launched to the New Zealand market . eurolok™ is the first tray profile of its type to offer an extended 50mm rib height thereby providing stunning shadow lines plus additional spanning capability and has an added major advantage in that the product is installed directly onto purlins and girts without the use of a solid substrate. Available in varying tray widths, eurolok™ will provide fresh, aesthetically pleasing and economical roofing and cladding options for building designers.

Eurostyle epic

Predicted to be at the forefront of the building, design and construction industries, Eurostyle™ is an elite roofing and walling system which will most certainly stretch the boundaries by offering building designers and building owners - elegance, style, design flexibility, sustainability and extensive material choice. Eurostyle™ is certainly not designed to be a "look alike" and finds favour with those in the architectural and design industries that recognise and appreciate quality.

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